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Customer safety and security is our priority.

safety and
security is
our priority.

We use the latest technologies to be the most secure platform, alongiside our expert security team to keep your funds safe, and to stay ahead of vulnerabilities and exploitation attempts.

Trading safety

We never initiate contact with our users with requests for information about your account. You should avoid responding to unsolicited direct messages and emails. Always be vigilant. If you think a scammer has messaged you, message our Customer Support immediately.

Always keep your account login details private. Do not share your password or private keys. Reach out to our customer support if you need help in logging in.

Asset protection

We are customer-centric and we keep your information safe. At IQX Trade, we do our due diligence in ensuring that our accounts are verified and detect malicious attempts early to prevent illegal trading activity on our platform.


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Change is inevitable. The
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